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Community Phone Tree

What is a Phone Tree Network

A “Phone Tree” is a community developed early warning system.  It is an organised way of contacting people in your neighbourhood to make them aware of a threat of fire.

If smoke or fire is seen in your area a Phone Tree is a way of having an early warning so you can activate your Bushfire Survival Plans.  

This ultimately means you can make timely, informed decisions on what you, your family and your community will do in response to a fire threat, and will prompt you to monitor the TFS website and local ABC Radio Station for Alerts, fire location, speed, weather and direction.

The Golden Valley Phone Tree

Golden Valley is a community who has developed a Phone Tree system for their area. It is a great example of what a community can develop unique to a community’s needs.

They have developed a process that involves instructions on how to activate the Phone Tree system.  The trigger to activate the Phone Tree is someone having seen smoke or fire they then contact TFS on 1800 000 699 to check to see if it is a registered burn, if it is not and has been identified as a fire incident then they follow the process as outlined on their 'ourphonetree' website.

Golden Valley's system is an effective example of a Phone Tree that the community has developed and used a few times, most recently in early 2016 when fires impacted their community.

For more information regarding the Golden Valley Phone Tree, please click here >

Setting up a Phone Tree in your community

A Phone Tree can be organised with support from the Tasmania Fire Service by a single person or small group of people from your community.

The people organising the Phone Tree collect information about all of the individuals who should be included in the list.

Ideally, the coordinator would collect at least two contact numbers for each person, including a contact number with an answering machine or voicemail. Once the list of people is collected, it can be divided up to create an organised Phone Tree, which is copied and given to all members of the group. 

Please contact the Tasmania Fire Service for more information and assistance.

Other communities who have setup a Phone Tree

  • Weegena
  • Jackeys Marsh
  • Sisters Beach Road, Banksia Park
  • Golden Valley
  • Kettering
  • Lower Longley
  • Neika
  • Mt Arthur Lilydale
  • Tobys Hill Cygnet
  • Fern Tree
  • Lucaston
  • Franklin