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Dolphin Sands pop-up bushfire-ready sessions

Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd October 10am-2pm

Dolphin Sands Road

Dolphin Sands your neighbourhood needs a bushfire-ready plan! Just in time for the upcoming bushfire season Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods is coming again to Dolphin Sands.

Dolphin Sands residents and shack owners are welcome to come and have a chat with Bushfire-ready Neighbourhoods and the local Swansea Brigade at a pop-up tent information display on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd of October 2017 from 10am to 2pm. Lesley will have her bushfire-ready display and resources at Dolphin Sands road water tank carpark near the corner of Cambria Drive.

Come along and chat about the local bushfire risk and preparations ready for the upcoming bushfire season. Find out about stay and defend and leave early plans, what Fire Danger Ratings and the alerts and warnings mean, the updated information about local Nearby Safer Places and much more.

There will be bushfire survival planning fact sheets, resources such as an example of an emergency kit and fire equipment, helpful information booklets and display posters. Lesley King of TFS will be available to answer your questions and sit down with you to assist with writing your plan.


For more information contact Lesley King on 62258504 or email 

Dolphin Sands Road, car park near the corner of Cambria Drive 7190 TAS