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Other Bushfire Planning Resources

Emergency Kits

Emergency kits consist of all the things you will need to perform the actions in your Bushfire Survival Plan. You won’t know exactly what should be in your kit until your preparation work is done and your plan is written.

Emergency kits should be prepared before the fire season.

The best emergency kit is one that can be used for all hazards – not just bushfires.

If you need a simple Emergency Kit, consider the following items.

  • What you need to help survive the day of a bushfire;
  • What to take with you to safety;
  • What you need for up to four days following a fire.

General Items:

  • Battery powered AM/FM radio plus spare batteries
  • Waterproof torch
  • Woollen blankets
  • Clothing to protect you during a bushfire (see below)
  • First aid kit with manual
  • A can opener
  • Emergency contact numbers

Before you leave, add:

  • Money, key cards and credit cards
  • Medications, toiletries and sanitary supplies
  • Special requirements for infants, elderly, injured, or those with disabilities
  • Important documents (eg Insurance papers, wills, passports), valuables and photos
  • Drinking water (three litres per person perday) and food for at least 48 hours
  • A change of clothes for everyone
  • Mobile phone & charger Blankets
  • Children’s toys

For your pets:

  • Basket/cage/leash
  • Medications, food, drinking water and bowls
  • Familiar item (toy, bed, treats) to help reduce stress

You should keep your Emergency Kit/s in waterproof storage containers in a location that is easy to get to and that the whole family knows about.

For greater preparation, think about creating a survival kit, a relocation kit and a recovery kit.

Survival Kit
Contains everything you need around your home, for example, the clothes you will wear and the tools needed to prepare your home. This kit is needed if you are going to stay and defend your property, and most of its contents could also be used if you plan to leave your home early.

Relocation Kit
Contains all the things of personal and practical value that you want to relocate to a safe place.

Recovery Kit
Contains the things you will need to survive in reasonable comfort in the 24 to 48 hours after a bushfire, until normal community services start again.

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