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Create Your Bushfire Survival Plan/s

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Follow the four simple steps listed below to create your online Bushfire Survival Plan/s.

Step 1 - What do I need to know to complete my plan/s

Use the information in the sections below to learn how to:

Step 2 - Create your plan/s

Click on the ”Develop Your Bushfire Survival Plan” button and use the interactive form to enter details on your Leave early Plan and Stay and Defend Plan.
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It is important to complete both your leave early AND stay and defend forms. Preparing your home correctly improves your chances of surviving the fire if you choose to stay and defend.

The safest option is always to leave early when a bushfire threatens your home. If you are not staying to defend your property, you should plan to leave early. Many people have died in bushfires because they have tried to leave too late. Some have been trapped and burnt in their cars or on foot. Fewer lives will be lost if people who choose to leave do so well before a bushfire threatens their home.

Step 3 - Print and save your plan/s

When you have finished each Plan, click the “Print Your Survival Plan/s” button to save and print your Plan/s. Place your Plan/s somewhere that can be easily seen in your home e.g. on the fridge. Make sure that all household members are familiar with the Plan/s.

On completion, you will be emailed two links to access or modify the information you have entered in your Plan/s.

If you did not receive an email please contact or phone 1800 000 699.

Step 4 - Refresh your plan/s each year leading into the bushfire season

Every year circumstances change. Tasmania Fire Service encourages you to review and update your Plan/s each year during September before the bushfire season starts.

Click on one of the links in the email you received when you finished your Plan/s to access your stored Plan/s. Review and modify in light of any changed circumstances and then re-save as per Step 3 above.

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