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Kingborough and Huon: Bushfire-Ready Carers and Community (home) Care

Do you regularly visit and/or provide care and support for those individuals who are very young, frail, injured, and elderly, socially isolated or have some level of cognitive and/or physical impairment in their home?

The southern Community Development Officer (Lesley King) of the Tasmania Fire Service is undertaking a pilot project in the Huon and Kingborough municipalities for the next 2 years to consult and collaborate with carers, volunteers, community services management and staff to develop targeted and appropriate bushfire preparedness resources and education.

Expression of Interest to participate in the B-RCCC project - events and engagement

Your involvement may include a project orientation session, bushfire plan workshop, trialling draft carers kit/resources and/or completing a short survey. One-on-one visits are offered if people cant attend group sessions.

The project orientation session runs for 90 minutes. It is a 2 part session. Part 1 includes an overview of the Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods program, B-RCCC project overview, bushfire history, human behaviours and environmental disaster factors, TFS emergency response priorities, what happens when there is a bushfire, property triage, bushfire weather, bushfire behaviour, Fire Danger Ratings, alerts and warnings, tips on property preparedness and what to include in a leave early bushfire survival plan. Part 2 includes an activity about a hypothetical 'at risk' resident in a bushfire scenario and brainstorming.

Carers, home and community care service workers, volunteers and neighbours of the Huon and Kingborough areas that would like to participate in this project can contact Lesley King on 6166 5606 or email