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Guide to burning heaps safely

17 April 2020
Now we are in the autumn period, many will be considering managing vegetation hazards by burning heaps or piles of leaves, branches and logs. The Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods website features a...

Welcome Selina Young

17 April 2020
Selina Young has recently joined the TFS Community Development and Education Team as Community Development Officer South, while Lesley King is in a project manager role working on a project...

Reflections on the Black Summer bushfires

17 April 2020
Bushfires across most of Australia – especially the fires on many parts of the mainland – dominated news coverage last summer. Some of the things I’ve watched, read and heard...

Ansons Bay Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods in action

17 April 2020
As Round 3 of Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods nears its end, Ansons Bay remains a significant priority for the Northeast District. This area has been a BRN target community for two years,...

Supporting people of increased vulnerability to prepare for the threat of bushfire.

17 April 2020
‘Everyone is both vulnerable and resilient. Everyone has a unique combination of capabilities and capacity to prepare, cope and recover from disaster, which means they are vulnerable and resilient in...