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Photo Galleries of BRN Activities

Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods at Goaty Hill Vineyard

Rowella Community Event

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Residents learning about Ember Proofing

Greens Beach Community events,

Supported by, Tamar NRM, Kelso Fire Brigade & Greens Beach Golf Club.

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Squeaking Point

View the range of bushfire-ready activities happening in the Squeaking Point area since 2016

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Bushfire-ready activities in the area: 2016-2018



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Nicholls Rivulet

Bushfire-ready activities of Nicholls Rivulet since 2016


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South Arm Peninsula

Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods has been in areas of the Peninsula since 2016.

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Dolphin Sands

View the bushfire-ready activities in Dolphin Sands from October 2016 to today.

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