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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

    Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods is postponing many program events throughout Tasmania until further notice.

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Create Your Bushfire Survival Plan/s

Follow four simple steps to create your online Bushfire Survival Plan -

Learn / Create / Print / Refresh

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Bushfire Survival Plan Workshops

Workshops are an engaging interactive time to get together and explore preparing you, your family and your home for a bushfire.

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The Bushfire Ready Neighbourhood program focuses on building a 'shared responsibility' approach to bushfire preparedness through recognising that individuals, communities and the Tasmania Fire Service all play a part.

The program's aim is to build resilience and capacity in bushfire prevention and preparedness in Tasmanian communities most at-risk to bushfire through a sustainable community development approach.

Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods is an award winning research and evidence based program and has been a collaborative approach between the University of Tasmania and the Tasmania Fire Service.