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TFS Community Development Framework

The purpose of this framework is to guide, support and inform the Tasmania Fire Service Community Development Team when engaging with at-risk communities in community safety.

With team member’s practice aligning it will facilitate the alignment of service delivery with contemporary fire and emergency services strategic directions, state, national and international strategies. This framework sits under the Fire and Emergency Services Strategic Plan - Framing our Future.

The day to day business of the Community Development and Education Unit is guided by the Division of Community Fire Safety Business Plan and the Unit Business Plan. Click the helpful link at the bottom of this page to read the full framework document.

Bushfire research

Tasmania Fire Service in collaboration with researchers at the University of Tasmania; University of Sydney and the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre are improving the understanding of bushfire, and improving technologies and strategies to save lives and limit damage from bushfires.

AFAC Case Study- Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods: From informed and aware to engaged and prepared

Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods is an award winning research and evidence based program

The evidence and research base that is guiding the Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods program is extensive and has been a collaborative approach between the University of Tasmania and the Tasmania Fire Service.

In particular the work of Dr Mai Frandsen and Professor Douglas Paton is acknowledged in producing the Promoting community bushfire preparedness: Bridging the theory – practice divide (2012).

The research focuses on how individual, social, and societal factors interact to influence the adoption of protective measures against bushfire hazards. To read more of the PhD thesis "Promoting community bushfire preparedness: Bridging the theory - practice guide" click here

Other publications and research that is guiding the BRN program: