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This page offers you quick access to a range of Fire Safety publications that are developed by the Tasmania Fire Service.

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Bushfire Safety

Bushfire Safety Guide
An essential guide to preparing yourself & your property for bushfires.
This booklet also includes checklists to plan to leave early (always the safest option) or plan to stay and defend an adequately prepared property.

Download complete book (PDF file 9.5MB) >

Hose and Ladders Bushfire survival game
Use the information within this game to learn about home fire safety tips and how you can prepare your property for bushfire.
Download (PDF file 6.8MB) >
Download (JPEG file 967kb) > (Right mouse click to save)

Community Bushfire Protection Plans
Bushfire plans for your community.
Download (PDF file 1.1MB) >
Using Fire Outdoors
A guide to using fire safely outdoors, at home, in the bush or on holiday.
Download (PDF file 1.9MB) >
Fire Resisting Garden Plants
Reduce the fire hazard in your garden by changing to low flammability plants.
Download (PDF file 780KB) >
Fact Sheet - Emergency Kits
An essential guide to preparing emergency kits to assist in the protection of yourself, your family & your property against bushfires
Download (PDF file 1.4MB) >

Register your fire card
When using fire outdoors, register your fire before lighting by free calling 1800 000 699.
Download (PDF file 491KB) >


Home Fire Safety

Home Fire Safety
General home fire safety advice.
Download (PDF file 1.2MB) >
Visual Guide to Home Fire Safety
General home fire safety advice. An initiative of the Migrant Resource Centre (Southern Tasmania) and the Tasmania Fire Service.
Download (PDF file 3MB) >
Home Fire Escape Plan
Design a home fire escape plan to suit your home and talk about it with everybody in the house.
Download (PDF file 2.2MB) >

Juvenile Firelighter Intervention Program (JFLIP)
Overview of the program.
Download (PDF file 1MB) >
After the Fire
Advice to clients about what to do in the hours and days after fire strikes.
Download (PDF file 4.3MB) >