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Prepare a Bushfire Plan

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You should make a plan that sets out what you will do to prepare your home for bushfire, and what you will do if a bushfire approaches. A written plan will help you think through the actions logically, and give you something to refer to if a bushfire breaks out nearby.

The plan should be prepared carefully and thoughtfully. People usually have two safe options when threatened by bushfire:

  • Leave early.
  • Stay and defend an adequately prepared property

You should understand the risks you face and explore options well in advance of the bushfire season. Your plan should be adaptable, as circumstances may change before and during bushfires.

To order free copies of the Bushfire Safety Guide booklet click here

Bushfire Safety Guide 2023
Bushfire Safety Guide 2023(pdf) 9.08 MB
Download the brochure or create your Bushfire Plan online.