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Sisters Beach Phone Tree group

Phone Tree planning in your area!

A group of volunteers have begun work on developing a phone tree early warning system in your area.

The current work is focussed on the Sisters Beach Road area that covers Banksia Park down to Lake Lwellyn.

A phone tree is a community owned and operated early warning system that is unique to each community. It is designed to assist in; developing situational awareness, knowing how to respond as a community to smoke or fire and communicating across your 'neighbours' who might not be aware. 

Having a system that supports you all communicating with each other in the event of a fire or other incident ensures that people are able to enact thier Bushfire Survival Plans well in advance and creates a space to make timely decisions about your safety.

This group is currently meeting once a week with a view to developing your phone tree.  If you are interested and would like to be involved you are most welcome! 

Equally if you live in the broader Sisters Beach area and are interested please contact Suzette Harrison for further information on 0418 451 954 or