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Bushfire survival planning

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Bushfire survival planning

Bushfire survival planning has always been important for people who live in bushfire-prone areas.

Deciding whether you should leave early or stay and defend is a decision which needs to be considered when developing a Bushfire Survival Plan. It will depend on many factors such as your ability to defend, access to enough water and firefighting equipment, property preparedness and Fire Danger Ratings.

Tasmania Fire Service has developed a new bushfire survival planning tool to assist homeowners in this process with the introduction of the 5-minute plan. Available online at this plan, together with useful facts about bushfire planning and bushfire myths, is an easy-to-use tool to help answer all the questions you need to consider.

We encourage you to visit the website, complete your plan and encourage your communities to complete their plans online.

Many things remain the same, such as:

Always ensure everyone in the home knows your plan details.

Rehearse your plan and ensure you have considered travel times.

  • Understand Fire Danger Ratings and how they fit into your plan.
  • Know the locations of your Nearby Safer Places.
  • Decide on your triggers to leave.
  • Always include pets and livestock in your plan.
  • Listen to ABC local radio for bushfire information and updates.
  • Do not assume you will have electricity to power your devices.
  • Develop an emergency kit with the items you want to take with you.

For more information about your bushfire safety, bushfire survival planning and property preparedness, visit the Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods website:

Dave Cleaver
Community Development Officer (North)

Friday, February 26, 2021