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Pop up and stand out in your community this bushfire season

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Pop up and stand out in your community this bushfire season

We are in Tasmania’s bushfire season. The sun is (mostly) shining, stronger winds are here, and there is warmer weather through the day. This is a great time to engage your community about key messages on bushfire preparedness.

Many brigades prefer not to arrange community events during bushfire season. There is a possibility of the brigade getting a call-out to a bushfire, which could lead to cancelling the event as well as limited members available to support the event as it is also time to spend with family.

Pop-up stands may offer an alternative to a larger event during this busy time of year.

This bushfire season, Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods (BRN) and TFS brigades in BRN communities have held BRN pop-up stands throughout January, making some great connections and having focused conversations with local residents and shack owners.

We have set up at popular lunch spots, outside and inside shops (whatever works for the business), coffee shops and local hotels, and where there may be large numbers of people walking past. The locations can be as creative as you can be. Remember to get local business and council approval (if required).

Pop-up stands can be a great activity for your brigade for the following reasons:

  • You are taking the message to your community, held at popular local spots.
  • Reaches people that may not attend other types of events.
  • Can be arranged at short notice (e.g. after a fire weather day to benefit from mainstream media promotion of recent fire weather or after a fire in the state that sparked interest in your community).
  • Advertising is simple and done on the day of the event – photo taken once set up and short paragraph of text can be pre-written.
  • No need to cancel event if brigade is unable to attend (due to call-out) as not advertised before the day.
  • Uses local social media pages – can promote event location and times, and can also advise if brigade leaves the stand for a call-out.
  • Raises awareness of bushfire preparedness and BRN through local businesses and local councils.
  • Can be held with only 1-2 firefighters (a plan should be made for packing up in case of call-out); a brigade support person may assist with this.
  • Easy set-up/pack-up of stand – not many resources required.
  • Truck can add visibility to the location if suitable.

If your brigade is interested in having a BRN pop-up stand, contact your regional Community Development Officer for guidance, assistance and resources.

Selina Young
Community Development Officer, South

Friday, February 26, 2021