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Stakeholder Meeting - Sorell Council

Meeting with EMC, Communications and Community Development staff at Sorell COuncil to introduce BRN Round 4 and possibility of Dodges Ferry as a BRN community.

Stakeholder Meeting with Glamorgan Spring Bay Council

Meeting with EMC at Glamorgan Spring Bay Council to introduce BRN Round 4 and possibility of Orford as a BRN Community.

Granville Harbour Bushfire-Ready Field Day

Sunday 7 March | 10.30am
The Green, Granville Harbour

Find out how to prepare your property for bushfire by visiting a few shacks with Tasmania Fire Service personnel.
Come along and pick up practical, hands on...

Kingborough Council Stakeholder Meeting

Meeting with Kingborough Council EMC and Recovery Coordinator

TFS South East District Staff Meeting

Meeting with A/District Officer (Barry Bones), Field Officer (Wayne Smart) to discuss possibility of Dodges Ferry being BRN Community in Round 4.


Kingborough Council Stakeholder Meeting

Meeting with Emergency Municipal Coordinator at Kingborough Council to discuss Margate as a possible BRN community.

Fern Tree - Open Afternoon at Fire Station

Fern Tree Fire Brigade invites the community to an OPEN AFTERNOON at the Fern Tree Fire Station, 7 Summerleas Road.

2pm - 4pm, Saturday 20 February 2021.

See attached flyer for more information.

Lauderdale Brigade Meeting

Meeting with TFS volunteers from Lauderdale Fire Brigade about Community Engagement role and volunteer Community Engagement workshop .

West Coast Providers meeting

Meeting of community service providers on the West Coast.

Fern Glade Bushfire-Ready Drop-in Session

Fern Glade area | corner of Fern Glade Rd and Wattle Ave
Saturday 27 February | 10am - 12pm

Drop in for a chat, meet your local brigade and find out how you can get ready for bushfire season. 
​Come along and...