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Orford Bushfire-Ready BBQ

Community event providing information on preparing for bushfires.

BBQ supplied by Spring Bay Lionds Club

East Coast FMAC Meeting

Attended meeting and discussed Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods Program Round 4.

SEMC Community Resilience Sub-Committee Meeting

Presentation on Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods Program to committee.

Southern Region District Officers Meeting

Introduce Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods Program Round 4 and selection of BRN communities.

Stakeholder Meeting - Business Tasmania

Met with Kate Mirowskil and Jackie Honey from State Growth/Business Tasmania about potential links between BRN and Small Business Team.

Hobart FMAC Meeting

Attended Hobart FMAC meeting and discussed the BRN Round 4 program.

East Coast Pre-Season Briefing

Attended East Coast Pre Season briefing for TFS volunteers and presented on BRN Round 4 program.

TFS South West Pre-Season Briefing

Presentation on BRN Round 4 as part of the TFS Pre Season briefing to TFS volunteers

Midlands FMAC Meeting

Attended Midlands FMAC meeting and discussed BRN Round 4.

NW Bay Group Pre-Season Briefing

Presentation to TFS volunteers about BRN as part of TFS pre-season briefing.