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Bushfire-ready sessions 2022 Dodges Ferry

Thursday 6 October, 10am-12pm
Write your bushfire plan workshop, Okines Community House.

Friday 7 October, 10am-12pm
Fire-wise gardening and preparing your property for bushfire workshop,

Great Lake Brigade meeting to plan for events
Okines Community House, Dodges Ferry bushfire-ready events planning
Dodges Ferry events discussion Sorell Council
Bushfire-ready events planning with Dodges Ferry Brigade
Fire Smart Gardening in Margate

Saturday 15 October


Margate Fire Sation, 26 Van Morey Rd, Margate

Join us for the launch of the Fire-smart garden at the station. There will be a workshop at 1:30pm...

Tullah Progress Association BRN Planning Meeting
Rubicon Brigade Meeting
North West (Arthur District) BRN Planning
North West Emergency Management Committee Meeting