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Zeehan Fire Brigade BRN Planning Meeting
Rosebery-Tullah Fire Brigade Meeting - Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods Planning
Kentish Council - Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods Planning
Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods Roadshow Planning (VSSU)
West Coast Group Meeting
Cape Country Group Meeting
Bushfire Awareness Information Session - Mountain River

We invite residents of Mountain River, Grove, Crabtree and surrounds to register their attendance to this upcoming bushfire information session.

Join the Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods Team, as well as representatives from the Fuel...

BRN Up Skill - North West TFS Administration Team
Risk Roles Ready Triabunna
Community Information Session - Dromedary

Join Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods and SES at this upcoming information session hosted by Brighton City Council. 

TFS, SES and Council representatives will take you through an overview of the alerts and warnings systems, preparing...