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Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods – On the West Coast

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Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods – On the West Coast

Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods (BRN) is no stranger to the West Coast. Since 2014, TFS has worked with communities in Granville Harbour, Queenstown, Strahan, and Zeehan to promote bushfire readiness.

Building on the BRN activities over the past few years, BRN is working closely with local fire brigades to promote bushfire readiness across all communities on the West Coast. A critical part of promoting bushfire readiness in the community will be working closely with the fire brigade in Rosebery, Queenstown, Strahan, Tullah and Zeehan.

The Rosebery brigade is looking forward to the opportunity to be more involved within the community and help the town know what they can do to be prepared for bushfire season.
Luke Smith, Brigade Chief, Rosebery Brigade

There have been many bushfires on the West Coast over the years. In the last few years there have been large bushfires around Rosebery and Zeehan in 2019; Strahan in 2017; and Granville Harbour in 2014. All communities on the West Coast face the risk of bushfires, so these fires are a reminder that it’s important for communities on the West Coast to be well prepared for bushfires.  

In my experience, fires are becoming more intense, unpredictable and harder to control. We’ve seen big fires on the West Coast in the last few years, plus what happened on the mainland over summer, and the US now. It’s more critical than ever that the community is prepared for bushfire season.
Mark McDermott, Brigade Chief, Strahan Brigade

Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods will help residents of Queenstown feel safer because they will have a better understanding of what to do in the event of a bushfire. It will also make the brigade’s job easier because people will be more prepared.
Paul Bugg, Brigade Chief, Queenstown Brigade

During the Lynch Hill fire in 2019, there was a lot of confusion in town about what to do and where to go. I think Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods will give everyone a better understanding about how to be prepared so they can decide if they’ll stay and defend or leave early, and so they can work out where they will go. This will reduce panic within the community if we a faced with a fire near Rosebery again.
Luke Smith, Brigade Chief, Rosebery Brigade

We are busy planning BRN events to promote bushfire readiness in each of the communities on the West Coast.  Details will be posted on the BRN website when there are opportunities for the community to gather and find out more about developing your bushfire survival plan (link to add) and prepare your property for bushfire.

As Peter explained in his article,  the online platform provides us with an opportunity to engage with community members in the face of COVID-19 restrictions.

The new online platform engage.bushfireready.tas. has lots of useful resources. I really like the video that explains what BRN does. It will still be important to have face-to-face events because the online platform won’t suit everyone in the community.
Greg Blake, Second Officer, Tullah Brigade

Brett Patterson 
Community Development Officer, North West

Tuesday, November 17, 2020