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Round 4 goes digital

17 November 2020
In June 2020, the TFS Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods program (BRN) had been in full operation for seven years. BRN is a community-based prevention, preparedness, and response program for bushfire-prone communities across...

Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods – On the West Coast

17 November 2020
Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods (BRN) is no stranger to the West Coast. Since 2014, TFS has worked with communities in Granville Harbour, Queenstown, Strahan, and Zeehan to promote bushfire readiness. Building on...

Southern Region BRN Update

17 November 2020
2020 means the start to a new round of Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods (BRN) activities in the Southern Region. With Round 4 now underway, four new southern communities will be the focus...

Update from the Northern Region

17 November 2020
2020 has bought us a number of unknowns but one thing we do know is that Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods (BRN) has begun Round 4 of the program. Several communities across the...

ABC’s Big Weather

17 November 2020
From the frontlines of Australia’s Black Summer of 2019-20, Big Weather (and how to survive it) delivers a message about how our weather is changing and what we can do...