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Mitigating bushfire risk - we all play a part

26 February 2021
There are many different definitions of bushfire mitigation. In a nutshell, you could say it is about: Building community resilience reducing the risk of bushfires and their severity building capacity...

Bushfire survival planning

26 February 2021
Bushfire survival planning has always been important for people who live in bushfire-prone areas. Deciding whether you should leave early or stay and defend is a decision which needs to...

Pop up and stand out in your community this bushfire season

26 February 2021
We are in Tasmania’s bushfire season. The sun is (mostly) shining, stronger winds are here, and there is warmer weather through the day. This is a great time to engage...

New Australian Warning System rolls out in Tasmania

24 February 2021
In December TFS rolled out the first stage of the new Australian Warning System. The changes include the way bushfire warnings are displayed on the TFS website and by our...